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Joining We Are Normal For Glastonbury

Only members can access the members’ only blog posts, newsletters and members forum, if you are not yet a member you will be told you can’t access the content and invited to Join.

Membership lasts one year, towards the end of which you will be invited to resubscribe. You are free to cancel at any time.

Click here for our Terms and conditions of Membership and Our Privacy Policy.

Logging In

If you wish to Join WANFG please click here for the Membership Checkout Page. Don’t worry about the ‘Level 1’ bit – there is only one level of membership – we are all equal!

We Are Normal For Glastonbury is a membership site hosted on the WordPress Platform. If you have a WordPress account already you can join WANFG using that account. If you don’t have a WordPress Account one will automatically be created for you when you subscribe to WANFG.

If when you try to join you are told your email address is already in use this is because you already have a WordPress account connected to WANFG (even if you are not currently a member). Go to ‘Members Log In’ on the menu bar and put in your WordPress Login email and password, if you are not currently a member you will then be prompted with the WANFG sign up page. If you can’t remember your password go through the wordpress forgotten password instructions.

Email Address

Please ensure you are entering a valid email address as otherwise you will not receive email updates. You will need to confirm your email address by clicking on a link to confirm membership before you can use the site. Also this will be your main account identifier within the membership group and it will be very difficult for me to resolve issues if this email address is incorrect or inactive.

You will receive members emails – a once a month member’s only blog post and the occasional newsletter. If you do not wish to receive these please unsubscribe when you receive your first blog post / newsletter email. However, this does mean you will receive no notifications and will need to keep coming back to the site to see what’s new. Don’t worry, I will never share member’s lists outside of NFG and I will never spam you!

Check Out

Next, click on the Paypal Check Out link, you will be taken to PayPal Express, you do not need a PayPal account to use this, you can simply pay with a credit or debit card. This is a secure checkout. I do not have access to any of your card or paypal details.

Paypal is the only immediate method of payment I can use with this membership platform at present. However it is possible for me to add you to the system manually if necessary and take payment by another method (even cash if you live locally).  If you do not wish to pay via Paypal get in touch with me at vicki@normalforglastonbury.uk

The Forum

You can automatically read and post to the forum if you are a member. If you wish to receive emails when someone posts a new topic or reply, click subscribe. You will not receive emails notifications about posts or new forum topics that you have created, as that would be silly.

If you wish to stop receiving emails from the forum, simply click unsubscribe.

If you are using a public computer please Log Out at the end of your session by simply clicking Log Out on the end of the blue members menu bar at the top of the page.

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